About us

A note from BERBER THINGS !

“Our mission is to share with you the berber way of life through the craftsmanship, imagination and skills of its artisans and makers. Each and every product is carefully selected and designed with love, each piece we offer is timeless and has a unique character.”

How did you start Berber Things?

“Our passion started to get more serious and he encouraged me to start my own company selling handmade goods & vintage carpets. we start work as a small team and we hope to be bigger in the future.”

What makes the rugs so magical to you?

“We like colors and we like mixing it with …. more colors! Often in a similar palette. we love bold, beautiful rugs adorned with intricate patterns and daring prints. Yet, there are also many plain rugs in the collection. From classic creams Beni Ourain to Azilal with Multi-colors and vintage rugs with fall colors, plain rugs are often easy for all rounders that tie a room together. All rugs in today's collection are made by berber women's. we like that every rug is unique and beautiful in its own way.”

Where do you find the vintage rugs?

“Our buyers travel monthly to the berber regions and the small villages to find one-of-a-kind vintage and found items, exclusive styles you won't find anywhere else.”



Most people buy bad rugs, but it’s because they don’t know any better.

After years of working in the bazars, I learned how great rugs are really made.

There is so much more to a beautiful rug than meets the eye. Every step—picking, spinning, looming, and dyeing—is done by the hands of expert artisans that spend their lives mastering these unique skills from generations of weavers.

I believe people care a lot about the products they put in their home. What we buy is what we stand for. And commerce can (and should) shed a light on where things come from and how our purchasing power impacts the world.

I started BERBER THINGS to bring beautiful statement rugs to your home.